Update procedure for Hyunda-Crystal boxes

Step 1
Power on your Crystal set top box and press ‘MENU’ button.

Step 2
On the Main Menu Window, choose the ‘System Setup’ selection option.

Step 3
On the System Setup selection menu window, choose the software update option.

Step 4
On the Software Update Selection Window, choose “START” option.

Step 5
Wait for the box to scan the update version. Do not power off.

Step 6
A new window will appear showing the available “on air’ software version SW 1.13. Press ‘OK’ for the Immediate button.

Step 7
Processing window will appear showing the update progress. Do not power off your box. This will take 3-5 minutes.

Step 8
After the update is complete, the set top box will reboot and will tune the the last known channel.



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