New Software for Digit-All-World (DAW-951) Decoders

A new software for Dream Subscribers using DAW-951 decoder units shall be available over-the-air from January 30 to March 13, 2008. This software is an upgrade from the current S/W Version 8.01 to S/W Version 8.02.

The new software aims to improve the over-all performance of your decoder and prepares the same for the upgrading of Dream’s security system.

Subscribers just need to tune-in to any of the following Dream Channels 1 to 10 during these dates to complete the upgrade/download process.

What to Watch Out For:

An indication that the download process has started is the prompt or message which shall appear on your TV screen. See message below:
This message means the downloading or upgrading of your decoder’s software has started. Do not interrupt this process as it may damage your decoder unit.
After a few seconds, another message shall appear onscreen: “DO NOT POWER OFF FOR 20 SECONDS”
For a few more seconds, PLS DO NOT INTERRUPT THE PROCESS OR CHANGE CHANNELS.  The entire process shall take 2-3 minutes. 

How to Check if you downloaded New Software:

To check if the download was successful, using your remote control, do the ff:
 1.  Go to Main Menu
 2.  Go to System Information
 3.  See if S/W Version is S/W 8.02

If upgrade is unsuccessful, please contact our Call Center at 02-9188000 or 02-7053000 for assistance.



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