NEW SECURITY SYSTEM Frequently Asked Questions:


What is this new security system?


The new or upgraded security system is a mechanism that prevents the unauthorized reception of broadcast (e.g. Video/TV) by means of encryption, scrambling and de-scrambling of relevant information related to a particular content, in this case, Dream Satellite TV.


Why is there a need for it?


An improved security system is necessary in protecting Dream's business and its customers.  Signal piracy, or the unauthorized distribution of video or television channels, has both economic and social repercussions.  Piracy hurts legal businesses as well as the government because of the pirates' non-compliance to regulations and non-payment of taxes.  Viewers, in turn, are affected through the sale and use of illegal or hacked Dream set-top-boxes, which prove to be unreliable and of inferior quality. This is a scam, and we want to stop it!


What do I need to do?

Regularly visit this website or wait for our on-air instructions for the procedures and applications that subscribers need to comply with.  Also, make sure that you have at least three month's load and have already upgraded your unit's software version, for it to receive future broadcasts from Dream.


Will my viewing be affected?


We would like to ensure the reliability and stability of the new system.  Hence, occasional tests will be done on the different channels prior to full implementation.  During these times, you may experience signal loss. 


What if my set-top-box was not upgraded?

If you missed the over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades, you will definitely lose access to some channels when the new security system has been implemented.


I have already upgraded my box but I still cannot watch some channels?

Some boxes may need to have their smartcards replaced.  The moment you lose access to some channels, call us immediately.  For faster coordination, please be ready to provide our Agents with the following information: 

  •       Subscriber Name
  •       Smartcard No.
  •       Set-Top-Box (STB) No.
  •       STB brand and model
  •       Address
  •       Contact No.

You may also get in touch with us through any of these locations:

Dream Business Offices:

Metro Manila:  02-889 8292
Central Luzon: 045-624 2363
South Luzon: 049-502 1435
Iloilo:  033-335 1344
Bacolod: 034-709 0550
Cebu: 032-343 8946
Cagayan de Oro: 088-856 8588
Davao: 082-235 36

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What do I have to pay?

The replacement smartcard, if needed, would be FREE to valid subscribers.  It would be redeemable at the Business Office near you.  It can also be mailed to your address when requested.

We appreciate your understanding and support on our mission to provide you with better service. 


If, at any time, you experience signal loss or have more questions, please call our Customer Service Hotlines at (02) 918-800 or (02) 705-3000, and we'll be happy to help you.


Thank you.

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