See the world through the eyes of your own DREAM Satellite TV System. No longer will family TV viewing be limited to Free TV and Cable TV. Now, you can experience an exciting world of TV entertainment, all in digital quality! All channels, all shows, all clearer!

Agila II, the Philippine's very own satellite, picks up information from PMSI's state-of-the-art Program Uplinking Center. Digitized DVB and NTSC color format television programming is then sent back to the Philippines directly to the viewer using the Integrated Receiver-Decoder.

To receive Dream’s Broadcasting signals, subscribers must acquire a 60cm Satellite Dish Antenna, an Integrated Receiver-Decoder (IRD) and a DREAM Conditional Access Card (Smart Card). To provide security and protection, the satellite signals of Dream shall be encrypted using a Conditional Access System. Thus, exclusive use of Dream programs and services will only be available to Dream subscribers.

The DREAM system is available at Dream Dealers accessible in major areas nationwide, thus, Dream subscribers will have immediate access to its services.